Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dan Savage: The Becks and Bachmanns Of The World Are 'Trying To Get the President Killed'

I don’t often agree with Dan Savage on much, however; in this case I must concur, that the right wing nuts are indeed trying to get President Obama killed.  They may dance about the issues but they are clearly inflaming the populace with misleading commentary on a daily basis.  They cover their actions under freedom of the press and free speech but when does their responsibility to the public good become an issue?  What they call free speech often constitutes hate speech.  They use rhetoric and racism to affirm their beliefs.

There are Americans that don’t believe that Obama is a citizen and some even demanded he reveal his penis last week.  From the supposed death panels to preachers praying for his death, at some point one has to decide that this constitutes a legitimate threat to the president.