Thursday, September 3, 2009

Snoop Dog Changes Name To Niggarachi: Yep Another Flava Fav Award

image Dear lord, two Flava Flav awards in one week.  Can you believe this fool decided to change his name to Niggarachi?  Yes, yet another edition of coonery are us.  Well Niggarachi, all I can say is negro please.  Where was your mama when you lost your ever lovin’ mind?  Don’t you pay people to think on your behalf?  This decision proves just how ignorant some Black folk can get.

I am not one of those that believes that nigger is a word that can never be reclaimed.  I firmly believe that the more that  it is used, the more it remains cemented in our everyday language.  Nigger is a word of oppression and no matter how much we may try, we can never change what it ultimately means.  Having nigger as a word that is said by Blacks colloquially, while decrying its usage by others, does not empower us.  Hello fool, Whiteness does not need our permission to say the word nigger, it can and does on its own accord. 

There are those Blacks that see the continued usage of the word nigger as a form of rebellion, however; it is actually a form of internalized racism.  When you take on the mantle of the oppressor and legitimize it, how else can it be understood?  How many times do we have to answer for fools like Snoop Dog?  The first thing racist White people will point to, is the fact that ignorant Blacks like Snoop Dog, continue to use this word daily. 

How many Black people died because the world considered them niggers?  How many were beaten and abused while someone screamed the word nigger? Now we have a fool that is not content to just say the word, he is using it as his name.  What makes this even more disgusting, is that Snoop is a Black celebrity and therefore, his social position makes this even more galling.  How can we teach our youth to respect themselves, when we have Black celebrities internalizing racism?

Well Snoop, you have certainly earned yourself a Flava Flav award and as part of your acceptance, it would do Black folk a whole lot of good if you would get on the bus and join all the other useless Black folk that we don’t need. The last thing that we need is more coonery, while we are struggling to have our humanity validated.