Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: George Michael Amazing

I developed a huge crush on George Michael the minute I saw the video for wake me up before you go go.  I was nine years old and the man had my heart. I remember walking to school with my girlfriends singing/screaming Faith at the top of our lungs (and no Allison McCarthy it is not a Sunday Shame).  He has been one of the few musicians that I loved as a child, that I continue to love.  Yes, that means I know the lyrics to most of his music and will shamelessly sing along anytime I hear one of his songs.

I remember the unhusband telling me that George Michael was gay long before he came out.  Like all good hetero women with an idiot crush, I would deny, deny, deny.  When he was finally forced to admit his sexuality because of an arrest, I continued on with my love affair.  Yeah, I still think the man is hot as hell even if he cannot dance.  When his website was hit with homophobic attacks I remember being pissed as all hell.  Why couldn’t people just leave  his sexuality out of it.  Like it or not, George Michael has had many hits and is an undeniable star with incredible longevity.  Sure, he has made some mistakes but I can think of a lot of celebrities who have done much worse.

My childhood music crush was George Michael and I continue to love his music to this day.  There are many from back in the day whose names I cannot even remember.  So, do you have any memories associated with Amazing or any other George Michael songs?