Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Voz Latina Strikes Again

I have always been transparent in my interactions on the internet.  I stand behind what I say or apologize when I feel as though I have wronged someone.  I know that my truth does not out weigh that of another and I live with the fundamental belief that all people matter.  I am not a fan of blog wars, however; in the interest of clearing my good name, I felt it best to make a statement.  In what was a cowardly action by nueva_voz,, otherwise known as Voz latina, she decided to speak smack about me on twitter, with the knowledge that her tweets are protected and therefore unavailable for me to access.  Unfortunately for Voz, I was informed about her malicious commentary. Within moments of my angry response to her on twitter she unlocked her tweets as if to suggest that she was transparent all along.

Icon_lock.Because a cis woman like @womanistmusings can shout down a trans woman while demanding the same things the trans woman is of her #whywefightabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.Because a cis woman like @womanistmusings can shout down a trans woman while demanding the same things the trans woman is of her #whywefightabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.and no, just because she is trans don't make her needs any less, and no, she isn't disrespecting @womanistmusings, nor am I. #whywefightabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.it is clear from Renees tone that she is committed to disbelieving trans women who speak on issues that conflict with her experiences as cisabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.She also categorically denies this has any negative effect on us, and chooses instead to focus on womanists fee fees, and fight for the cis.about 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.and here we are again: cis womanists get hurt fee fees, and we gotta prove every damn lil thing so she can throw it away with explain & denyabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.Renee personally and publicly endorsed a white cis feminist who attacked me over the NOWHC issue, as well as other rwoc who did. #whywefightabout 6 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.Renee also passes the "substitution test" where you can change "trans women" for "woc" and womanists/feminists for "white women" >>about 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.>>and still have the exchange make perfect factual and linguistic sense.about 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lockso, yeah, Renee is a classic ally, and #whywefightabout 5 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.Renee can use race as a derail with you, which is why they engage with white trans women. I would read her ass in a NY minute.about 6 hours ago from web
Icon_lockRenee talks like a white feminist does about race when she discusses our lives with such arrogance. Good heart, lousy "ally"about 6 hours ago from web
Icon_lock.Renee is a good person, but damn..she is still stuck in "women and transwomen" thinking. Plus, she's arrogant abt her ally status.about 6 hours ago from web
Icon_lock."I am a GREAT CIS ALLY. Prove your complaints have validity, trans woman peon. In triplicate, typed neatly on Form 30026-Rev A" #whywefightabout 6 hours ago from web
Icon_lock@genderbitch oh no she didn't! Did Renee REALLY just demand that you prove womanists ate in fact transmisogynistic? wtf?about 6 hours ago from web in reply to genderbitch
Icon_lock[email protected]genderbitch BZZZ...lol of course, her claim she womanists do not assert ownership over our lives is destroyed by her own comment, lolabout 6 hours ago from web

When genderbitch asserted that womanists were anti-trans I requested a name.  Womanism is extremely important to my identity and never in my experience have I encountered a single transmisognist womanist.   What happened with NOLA occurred between groups of RWOC and trans women; no self-identified womanists participated in those conversations and yet it was NOLA that, Genderbitch identified as specifically oppressing her. When I affirmed that she was indeed speaking about RWOC she demanded that I explain to her the difference and further questioned if a distinction existed, to which I quipped not all POC think with the same mind. This is not a derail, merely an acknowledgement of her ignorance.  Please note that it is entirely problematic that Genderbitch a White trans woman had no idea that a difference exists between RWOC and womanist. How’s that for mimicking White feminists behaviour?

I doubt VOZ has invested half the time reading the work of womanists, that I have reading the works of trans writers both on and off line. Yes I called her on her malicious shit because in my heart of hearts, I felt that she was wrong.  Every single time that I have been wronged, I have been able to cite by whom and why and yet neither genderbitch or Voz could accurately site a transphobic womanist despite their protestations.

Since I started writing about trans issues, I have asserted the humanity of the trans community and insisted on the proper pronoun use.  I have spoken to my children about gender identity and have strived within my limited knowledge to assert the rights of the trans community.  I don’t do it for the sake of a cookie or a thank you but from the fundamental belief that all people matter. 

I have not claimed that my writings about the trans community are perfect.  They never could be, I am not trans.  I have openly admitted that I still have a lot of learning to do about trans issues, but with the limited knowledge that I do have, I feel that it is my responsibility to speak out whenever I see that they have been wronged, just as I would with any other community. 

My issue here is that VOZ and genderbitch decided that it was appropriate to slander my good name to support their desire to play oppression olympics.  I don’t know who elected you leader of the trans community Voz but I doubt you speak for everyone.  Your tone commentary smacks of the same silencing that you accuse me of.  You are like the emperor proudly strutting around, unaware that you are wearing no clothes.  I am tired of watching you attack anyone that disagrees with you, and the cruelty which you employ within your responses to even the most mild form of questioning.  You are as imperfect as any other being and it is only arrogance that causes you to believe differently.  I see that you have learned nothing from the thread on Feministe where many aired their issues with you. The next time you feel that you are adult enough to speak about someone, be adult enough to own your words.