Friday, September 18, 2009

When You Discover You’re Intersex

Sex Lies and Gender will appear on the National Geographic this sunday at seven pm.  Rudy Allonez was serving in the army when he injured his back.  As part of treatment, he underwent an MRI, only to discover that he is intersex.  It is Rudy’s belief that his parents selected to assign him male at birth and the documentary is an examination of Rudy’s journey to get answers.

I still have a lot to do in terms of learning about the issues that intersex people face in life.  I know that many are actively involved in the fight to stop parents from selecting a sex for their children and allowing the intersex individual to decide on which gender they prefer.  The struggles of Caster Semenya have taught me that we have much to do, in terms of tolerance and acceptance.  Being intersex should not be a stigmatized identity.  We are all human and any divides that do exist, are for the sole purpose of creating and preserving social hierarchy.  No one individual is worth any more than another. I will watch this documentary in an attempt to learn.  All bodies matter and we show this when we commit to understanding difference and understanding that it does not mean less than.