Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greeting Card Emergency Coming Out

Please make sure to watch the entire video.

National coming out day was October 11, so I am late to this.  I actually didn’t even know that a day for this even existed, until I saw this video. What makes this video important is not the cards but the revelation of just how damaging homophobia is.  We know that for gays and lesbians it manifests in terms of physical assault, employment and housing discrimination, corrective rape and even murder.  What we do not think about is how walking around with that kind of hate towards another being is truly harmful.  Hate is a destructive emotion and it damages all of the potential goodness that we have inside of us.  Congratulations to this man for letting go of his bigotry and hatred, not many are able to make such a wonderful transformation.

H/T  Don’t Do That