Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monica Needs To Say No To Drugs: The Canadian Women Will Win Olympic Gold

I was happily reading TransGriot when I came across this post. It caused me to realize that a dear friend of mine has been hitting the malt liquor.  In 2010 we intend to layeth the smacketh down and run not walk away with the women’s gold medal in hockey.  This is our sport and our land lady.

image This means if we have call out the attack beavers or plant loonies into the ice, Canada will not be denied.   We are perfectly willing to let you yanks have the silver or the bronze but the gold IS OURS.  Don’t think that I won’t call your sorry ass after to scream in your ear either. I am quite certain that all this big talk is fear.   I dare y’all to walk on our flag one more time.  Go ahead and try it, cause I smell SHUT OUT!.  Gotta love the smell of Timmy’s and American tears in the morning.  Vivre le Canadiens.