Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Onion Proclaims Smoking is so Gay

I get that this is a play on the ridiculous homophobic tirades of the conservatives, however; I don’t think that this works.  It is not really clear that they are attempting satire because they are not poking fun at the homophobes for their beliefs directly, instead they are presenting them seriously.  Unless someone is of the opinion that homophobia is wrong, they are not going to understand the point that is being made here.  Simply repeating bigotry without analysis really does not accomplish anything.

This video does not inspire discussion about why homophobia is wrong. It does not delve into undeserved heterosexual privilege.  The images of the supposed lesbians, is further troubling because it points to gender policing without every really explicitly making the point that sexuality and gender to two very different concepts.  Instead of critiquing gender policing, it instead affirms it. 

The onion often gets a lot of things right but I do believe this video is a failure. Homophobia can never be treated in an ironic way.