Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steak and a BJ Day

We were waiting for Destruction to finish with Karate last night, when the unhusband informed me of a new holiday.

Even though it is still October, he wanted my thoughts on Men’s Valentines Day.  It seems that March 14 is steak and a blowjob day.  Of course there was no self interest at all in pointing out this little holiday.  The supposed upside is that Hallmark has yet to acknowledge this holiday and therefore; it has not become overly exploited the way that so many of our other holidays have.  Celebrating it would not mean the purchase of blood diamonds or foreign flowers that are grown in atrocious circumstances.  He informed me that this holiday was really catching on.

Steak and a blowjob eh?  I can see how this would be the perfect holiday for a guy.   All that is missing is a football game for Americans or a hockey game for Cannucks.   Really…I thought this was a great little plot and it did make me laugh. I certainly enjoyed how it is was brought up with the purest of intentions. I’m not promising to celebrate said holiday but it is interesting the lengths that men will go to in service of their penis.