Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Shame/Pride: Croc Edition


Every single member of my family owns a pair of crocs.  Some of us own more than one pair.   We will wear them  quite happily until the snow falls.  I admit that if Fred Flintstone were to wear shoes, they probably would look a lot like crocs.  They are far from the prettiest shoes I have ever worn. 

In conversation with Gus, aka Allison McCarthy regarding shoes, I mentioned my love of  crocs, to which she immediately declared Sunday Shame.  My feet swell due to water build up constantly and the one thing that is guaranteed to fit, no matter how big or painful they become, are my crocs. Not only will they always fit,  they will always be comfortable.  I cannot say that about any other shoe that I own.

Like many women, appearance is important to me but when it comes to my feet comfort comes first.  I drool over coach bags and demand the children leave the house color co-ordinated.  I long ago gave up on the unhusband and just let him do his thing, firm in the belief that at the very least he will always have a young hottie on is arm (yeah that would be me).   Even though my hair is really short now and I am going through that awkward stage, I still do my best to ensure that it looks nice.

Considering that I am not getting up to go to work everyday, I am kinda proud that I did not fall into that gap of sweat suits and runners, nor have I ever left the house in pyjamas.  Yeah, I think it could be so much worse than my beloved crocs, at least they still look half decent with a pair of jeans.  As much as Gus aka Allison McCarthy may protest, I think she needs to break down and buy her own pair of crocs.   At some point everyone has to put comfort ahead of style.

Here is where you come in.  Are my crocs truly a Sunday Shame when we think of all of the other fashion disasters running around out there?  Also please feel free to share the accessory that you love in spite of their look.  I know I am not the only person that values comfort.