Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thriller House Spices up Halloween



The reaction to Michael's display has been mostly positive. While we were there, about four families stopped to take a look. They all were enthused, especially the children, who kept yelling for their favorite skeleton or spider to make a glowing appearance.
Over the top? Absolutely, but when I asked Michael why he takes an entire week off work to set this production up, he had the perfect answer.
"We're making memories here," he said. "You know when you were a little kid, you always went out with your family, and there was always that house that you had to go to every year because it was decorated over the top. And you know what? That's this house."
He smiled. Happy Halloween.

For more about this wonderful house see here.  I certainly wish I could see this live.  Just watching the video on the internet made me smile.