Thursday, October 8, 2009

White Man’s Bitch

White Man’s Bitch is by Aisha Sekhmet.  There are those that would refer to this video as angry and problematic.  I certainly disagree with her repeated use of the word nigger but the larger point of the song is quite on point.  We cannot deny that there are  people of color who refuse repeatedly to act in their own best interest.  The list includes men like Jesse Lee Peterson and Michael Steele. They routinely put individual profit over racial solidarity.

This argument is often confused with the whole blacker than thou statement.  Their behaviour does not make them any less Black because there is no such thing as acting Black, but it does make them self hating negroes.  Why shouldn’t we call them out for what they are.  Their internalized racism has very real effects on the entire Black community.  When the conservative idiots on faux news (read: Fox News) are busy justifying the need to maintain a White supremacist state, the first person they reach for is not the grand dragon of the KKK but a self hating negro in a suit and a tie.  Even when men like Michael Steels are publicly humiliated and told that they are on a short leash, they continue to serve those that would have them in chains, shucking and jiving for survival.

Part of the reason that racism continues to have such a strong hold on our society is the support of POC.  Whiteness figured out a long time ago that the easiest way to maintain control is to have us police each other.  Even during the time of the civil rights movement, there were Black ministers speaking out AGAINST Dr. King. They felt that he was moving to fast and recommended compromise.  Whose interests did these men serve?  I wonder how Condelleza’s daddy felt seeing her in a job, that she would never have had, were it not for the movement that he did not support?  The irony about these people is they are always first in line to accept any gains made from the struggle but can never so much as lose a drop of sweat to help the effort.

H/T T.R Xands