Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyone is a Child of God


As painful as this must have been to expose to the world, stories like this must be shared.  16-year-old Avia Brown was kicked out of her home and rejected from her church after coming out as a lesbian.

Grandmother: Jesus would never accept a gay person being gay.  He never told a man to marry a man.  You won’t find that nowhere in this bible.  And in all these chapters you will not find where a man is supposed to marry a man or a woman supposed to marry a woman.

Fundamentalist Christians pick and choose biblical passages to support their own point of view.  As this woman sat their declaring homosexuality a sin,I wonder if she realized that she held the very same book that was used to justify the enslavement of African American people? Pick a bigotry at random and I am sure you can find someway to justify it in the Bible.

As much as religion did enter this discussion, the issue is not Jesus or Christianity but heterosexism.  Religion is only the tool which is employed to justify oppression.  In a post script it was revealed that Avia had reconciled with her grandmother.  It makes me wonder how many people would at a very minimum temper their bigotry, if they realized that someone that they loved was gay or lesbian?

This is not some sort of abstract oppression, though  I believe it is always conceived of in this way. Due to the evil of the closet many don’t realize that the same people they are rejecting are members of their family, close friends and even religious leaders.  This is not a call to action suggesting that the members of the GLBT community out themselves, rather it is a signal to those who may have homophobic views to consider that their actions may have an effect that is closer to home than realized.  Would it really be that easy to preach and or support hate, if you were directing it at someone you loved dearly?