Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Hair/Bad Hair Whatever Hair

On Sunday night, Monica of TransGriot and I had the honour of chatting with Shaha Sharron and Patrice of the blog Afrobella.  It was a rather spirited conversation in which we discussed the politicization of African American hair, Hair care history, the economics of the African American beauty industry, the potential permanent damage of chemical relaxers, etc,.  It you were not able to join us live, please click the image below to listen to the podcast

image As an extension of our work as socially minded writers, Monica Roberts, Allison McCarthy and I attempt to discuss topics in a way that promotes equality, thus fighting the negative stereotypes, which allow certain segments of society to be “othered”.  Please feel free to join on us on our next show where we will be chatting with Irene Vilar the author of Impossible Motherhood.  If you like what you hear, please don’t forget to favourite or friend our show. 

Editors Note:  At this time, we are unable to provide transcripts for the podcast, however; we are actively searching for a way to make this possible.  If anyone knows of any programs that do voice recognition, we would be very appreciative.  It is our hope to make the podcasts as accessible as possible.