Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Photo of the Day.


Caption: President Barack Obama plays peek-a-boo with Maeve Beliveau, the daughter of Director of Advance Emmett Beliveau, in the Outer Oval Office, Oct. 30, 2009.

Politicians holding and kissing babies is quite cliché.  When I look at a picture of Obama with a child, I never feel as thought it is staged; in fact he seems to be completely into the moment.  The kids can sense this as well and they react appropriately.  Babies have an innate sense of people.  They know who they can trust instinctively and I have yet to see a little one completely wig out upon meeting Obama, who is a complete stranger to them.  It says something about who he is as a person, that despite the great level of responsibility that he has, that he always takes time out for the little ones.  Not only is this the photo of the day; it was my first official smile of the day as well.