Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin Are…


What a delightful way to start the day.  Try typing Rush Limbaugh is, into the search area on google.  The above suggestions absolutely made my day.  There is hope for us all yet.  It would seem despite being  a pompous windbag,  that he has not been able to fool google users.  When the internet decides that the nicest thing it can say about him, is that he is wrong, hopefully that is a sign that his insipid commentary will one day come to an end. If nothing else, a young person googling Limabugh will discover immediately what a giant douche he is.  My only issue with this response is the continual use of the word fat as a negative descriptor.  Limbaugh is a lot of things but his weight has nothing to do with his nasty behaviour.  Each day he opens his mouth he streams filth and privilege.  There is no need to comment on his weight to point out how vile he is.

Seeing as how Rush Limabaugh is,  lead to a clear denouncement, I then moved on to Sarah Palin.


Sarah Palin was a hot mess from almost the minute she entered the national stage.  She couldn’t come up with the name of a book, magazine or periodical that she reads.  She had that wonderful call of encouragement from DJ’s pretending to be the president of France and she didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was.  No amount of winking at the camera could mask the fact that intelligence is not her strong suit.  She has twisted the truth and openly engaged in race baiting, but “real Americans” just love her. Now she is a about to tour the country pitching her revenge tell all book .

Palin is another person that it is quite easy to revile, if you have a thinking brain in your head.  While it is wonderful to see that once again the internet is on to this woman, the descriptors are once again problematic.  Retarded is highly ableist and honestly, don’t the non neurologically typical deserve to be treated better than being compared to Sarah Palin?  Retarded as a negative descriptor falls too easily from our lips, because disableism is common place.  To take someone's life and someone's experience and attach it and individual like Sarah Palin, is just another indicator that despite the social lie that we respect the differently abled; in truth we simply see this as yet another opportunity to engage in coercive power and privilege.  Palin is an easy person to criticize because her faults are naked before the world.  How about we skip the ableism and call her what she is, an obtuse, over privileged idiot who can whistle Dixie out of her frozen Alaskan ass.