Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Shame: Childhood Music

Music carries memories for us all.  Often when I here a song from the past it will take me back to what I was doing at the time.  I think about West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys and I remember being a preteen, wanting to get out there and party.  I even remember my fascination with Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone by Glass Tiger.  It certainly does not get much worse than bad big hair eighties music.   I will admit my taste in music was not always the greatest, but at least I can own it for what it is.

Some people, however are in a constant state of denial regarding the music they listened to in their youth.  In conversation after conversation with Monica Roberts, of TransGriot, she has repeatedly defended her love of :

Monica is not only extremely beautiful, she is a highly intelligent woman.  Since the day we have became friends, I have learned so much from her, however; learning that In the Navy, was once considered as a promotion song for the Navy, as justification for holding onto her love of The Village People, is something that I could have gone without knowing.  My brain is already filled with enough useless facts LOL.

Musically speaking, I believe disco was worse than the bad hair days of the eighties and The Village People, were among the worst of the disco set.  Yes, I know that this was part of her youth, but really sometimes we just have to let things go.  I mean the The Village People, … really Monica, are you serious?

I am sure that the readers here will agree with me, that  loving The Village People truly fits under the category of Sunday Shame.  The amount of protestation and twisting that she does every time the subject comes up, is proof of just how shameful this love is.   If you happen to agree with me, let it fly in comments and if you dare, share a song that you loved when you were young, that today you know is downright shameful.  Remember, we can always hide behind youth and inexperience, but loving it after you turn into a grown ass woman,  is well problematic.