Friday, November 20, 2009

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This is not a day of celebration. This is a day when  we must mourn the fact that we live in a world that is so intolerant, that it means death for many.  Being trans in this world is not an easy identity. As a cisgendered woman, I can only work to challenge my assumptions and dismantle the privileges attached to my body.  I can never for one moment walk even a single footstep in their shoes.  This year, once again too many names have been added to the list of those who have been murdered for being transgendered.  These are not just names; they represent living breathing people that are no longer with us.

clip_image001Cynthia Nicole  clip_image001[6]Michael Hunt

clip_image001[4]Taysia Elzy   clip_image001[8] Caprice Curry

clip_image001[10]Ebru Soykan (also referred to as Dilan Pirinc )

clip_image001[12]Jimmy McCollough  clip_image001[14]Kamilla

clip_image001[16]Tyli'a Mack also known as NaNa Boo clip_image001[18]Paulina Ibarra 

clip_image001[22]Andrea Waddell 

clip_image001[26]Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado

These are but a few of the names that were added to this years list.  Each and every single one of them, represented something that was unique, that hatred and intolerance brought to an end.  As this year comes to close, we light a candle for those that we have lost, in the hope that they will not be forgotten.  It is my fervent wish,  that in the future, being trans does not mean risking your life to be who you are.  May we all find tolerance and peace.  It  is our differences that make us beautiful.