Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: This is how you remind me Nickleback Edition

My pet name for this song is this is how I fuck with you.  As most of the readers know, I live in the armpit of Canada, otherwise known as Niagara Falls.  The Black population here is very small and there are a lot preconceived notions about Blackness.  My whole family loves Karaoke.  Destruction in particular, has been known to belt out Sweet Caroline when handed a mike.  I remember one time I got up to sing and some asshat shouted out here comes Oprah.  The audience always expects some form of rap, hip hop or R& B and I bust out with Nickleback.  God I love fucking with people.  Yes that's right, Black people like rock music to.  Okay, share your Nickleback memories or your fav Nickleback song in comments.