Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Which “Mad Man” Are You?

Answer the 7 questions and find out which of the assorted “Mad Men” characters you are.


It is a very complex show with interesting themes running through it. I’ve not written much about “Mad Men” because I know that there are blogs that do a great weekly recap and therefore; I figured why beat a dead horse.   When I came across this little questionnaire, I simply had to take it.   I really was hoping that I would get Joan, who is my favourite character.  I hate the fact that she is currently living with her rapist husband, however of all of the different characters, she seems to have her stuff together.  I like her pragmatism.  At any rate, I was not to be so lucky.  This is who I ended up with:

imageYeah, I am not at all pleased that I ended up with advertising agency’s resident rapist.  Pete is all kinds of EWWW.  Well, take the test and let me know if you ended up with someone good.