It’s Friday and The Question Is…..


Woot!  We made it through the work week.  Last Friday I had to go out of town and so I left you with an open question.  I really liked that idea and have decided to turn it into a regular feature.  During the winter, I do a lot of my shopping on the internet because it hurts me to go outside in the cold weather and no new sweater is worth pain as far as I am concerned.  I regularly frequent ebay.  I am currently awaiting the arrival of yet another denim skirt.   When I wear it, I am going to have pretend that I have had it for awhile because in all honesty, the last thing I need is yet another denim skirt.  I can already picture the unhusband giving me the eye.  Right after I bought it, I remember tweeting, why the hell can’t I leave denim skirts alone. If you look through my closet you will find denim skirts for every size that I have ever been.  They just seem to be my thing.  So this week’s question is what article of clothing do you find yourself repeatedly buying?

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