J Crew Seems To Like Erections

image Well we have seen many different marketing schemes to get us to buy clothing.  The most common tactic is to sell sex with the hope being that the customer will assume if they buy a particular item that they will have the good fortune to have a sexual experience. Advertising has had to become more and more daring as the amount of disposable income has decreased due to the large number of people out of a job.   The following is something I never thought that I would see from J Crew.

Anyone remember when Calvin Cline underwear ads were thought to be risqué? Well, the following certainly puts a new spin on things.





You can tell me I’m wrong for asking but since this is not porn, how was this state achieved?  Well they say that sex sells and this time there can be no doubt of what tool them mean to employ (yes pun intended).

Looking at this images makes me think of the ways in which women’s bodies are often objectified to sell products.  If you want to sell a computer put a pair of big boobs next to it.  Are you interested in selling peanuts – sure no thing, put a pair of big breasts next to the jar.   What I find curious about this ad is that it is clearly sexualizing the male body but you will note that the product that they are attempting to hawk is directly related to men in the first place.  You could say that perhaps they were looking to attract the interest of gay customers but even with that in mind, the utility of the item in question marks it as different than the ways in which female bodies are used in advertising.

What are your thoughts on the above images?

H/T  The Bilerico

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