Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Another Monday


Well here we go with the start of another work week.  Forty hours to go until freedom.    Please use this thread to chat about your weekend or to simply whine about the fact that it is Monday. 

This weekend, Destruction did his test for his yellow belt.   Yeah, I am all proud Momma.  The presentation is today and he worked very hard for this.  On the Womanist Musings podcast we interviewed Larry Hales from F.I.S.T. regarding the impact of colonialism and racism in Haiti, you can listen to it here.

Finally, to all of you who laughed at my love of Bey Bey and All The Single Ladies, I would like to point out that it won song of the year last night….Who’s laughing now?

That’s right, I love me some Bey Bey. 

I do feel the need to add after last night’s Grammy awards, that Taylor Swift needs to send a HUGE thank you note to Kanye.