Friday, February 26, 2010

PeTA Uses Tiger Woods to Advocate Spaying and Neutering

There can be no doubt that unwanted animals continues to be a problem.  It is highly irresponsible to have a pet without ensuring that it is spayed or neutered, unless one has purchased the animal specifically for breeding purposes.  PeTA of course has found a way to make this highly important message problematic.


The above billboard has been created without Tigers consent and PeTA plans to place them in Windermere, Fla.  Tiger Woods has recently come under fire after it was revealed that he had engaged in sex with numerous White women.  His lecherous behaviour has become part of the public conversation, even though it is clearly a private family matter.

PeTA has absolutely no right to capitalize on his behaviour and to associate him with spaying and neutering displays no sensitivity regarding the ways in which Black bodies have been sexually stereotyped.  There is also a history of Black men being castrated for having relations with White women.  This advertisement suggests that Tiger should be castrated for having consensual sex and therefore supports White hegemony. The above advertisement could actually be triggering to some people, but of course any discomfort is cast aside for the ability to be sensationalist  and racist.

PeTA has never shown any kind of racial sensitivity in their advertisements.  In fact, PeTA has no problem supporting any ism if they can twist it to suit their agenda.  Animal rights do not out weigh the right of human beings to be treated with respect. 

People that would be inclined to support their goals are turned off because of the way that PeTA presents their message.  This means that PeTA is actually  damaging the animal rights movement.  PeTA is such a large organization that even when animal rights groups speak out against them, their voices are often drowned out. At this time, it may seem pointless to continue to advocate against PeTA; however, if we decide to stop protesting their actions, silence will infer approval.  All bodies matter, even if PeTA refuses to recognize this.

H/T Gus via gchat