Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Shame: Coach Purse Edition

I have wanted a coach purse for a very long time.  Some women have shoe obsessions, however; I have to declare a thing for purses.  I of course blame my mother for introducing me to purses to begin with.   Really, why do we need to carry all manner of things with us?  Due to the fact that I am an extremely responsible mom, I usually deny most of my creature wants to provide comfort and in some cases outright luxury for my children.   My boys always come first and I find myself drooling from a distance at the purses I would love to own.

As I have previously mentioned, the unhusbands cooking leaves much to be desired.  Recently, he managed to give the baby and I food poisoning.  Let me tell you, that was not a pleasant day.  There was however one small upside to the day of stomach ills; the baby was sick all over my every day purse.  Can you imagine that?  The very same purse that I had been wanting to replace for some time.  Opportunity….um hell yeah.   It was meant to be wouldn’t you say?

imageMy anniversary is in June and the above purse is what I had requested but the destruction of my everyday purse through no action on my part certainly had to be rectified.  Of course, the unhusband has never been able to understand my love of purses.  In fact, one of his main concerns is that it is large enough for him to put his stuff in, ‘cause goddess forbid a guy actually carry his own shit.  Typical guy, too manly to carry a bag, but here let me just put my shit in your purse ‘cause I cannot be bothered to carry it.

Actually, I should say that size and cost are his two main concerns.  I got a real deal on this purse and only paid 150.00 dollars and yet he is still referring to it as my bling.  Can you even believe the nerve after the poisoning of his unwife and child?   Well, if that were not enough, he took his beef to facebook.  Though my sister-in law and I are not in agreement about the colour of the sky, for the first time in twenty years she had my back on this one.  So much for family solidarity, the purse solidarity between women is higher.  

It then occurred to me that I could continue to capitalize off of the poisoning.  You see, I bought the bag to replace my everyday purse but I now need a new wish for our anniversary.  Can you guess what I want now?  That’s right, I want the matching wallet and wristlet.  Hahaha.  The poor man had to take to facebook to consult his buddies to attempt to figure out what a wristlet is.   One made the assumption that I wanted a matching bracelet and rather than enlighten the mehnz, I informed them to hit google and figure it out, ‘cause I am bad like that.

I admit that I have totally taken advantage of this situation.  I could have gone and purchased something cheaper, after all this is only for me to use when I go on errands around town, but something inside me screamed treat! treat! treat!.  And of course, the purse does send a signal to the other hockey moms, not that I want into the pitbull and lipstick club.  So I suppose the purse is a symbol of our mutual shame; his for poisoning his family and mine for completely succumbing to a ridiculous consumer impulse.

So now it is your turn, what completely ridiculous purchase have you made recently just ‘cause.  We all know that times are rough and that we should be saving our pennies, but every once and awhile the opportunity to buy something we really don’t need presents itself and we take the plunge.  I know that I am not the only guilty party otherwise we would not be living in a consumer culture, so fess the hell up.