Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gay Teen Whose Prom Was Cancelled Because She Wanted To Bring Her Girlfriend Receives Scholarship On The Ellen Show


Constance McMillen, the young woman whose prom was cancelled when she contacted her principal about bringing her girlfriend as a date and wearing a tux recently appeared on “Ellen”.   This young woman is clearly very courageous and therefore, it gave me great joy to watch as she received a thirty thousand dollar scholarship from

This does not make up for the discrimination that she has faced, but it will go along way to helping her to continue to believe and fight in the name of justice.  Not all minds are small minds and this renews ones faith to see that there are organizations that believe in supporting justice. 

I think that Ellen was right when she suggested that McMillen has a wonderful future in front of her.  What she did took great courage, and if she could find that inner strength at the tender age of 18, the sky is the limit.  I just want to personally say good luck to Constance.

Below you will find the video of her on “Ellen”.

 H/T Rod 2.0