Thursday, March 25, 2010

Illness in the Family

I am taking the day off .  My unhusband, the love of my life had to go the hospital last night because his heart was racing.  This morning we learned that he is going to have to have surgery.  Though they say that this is routine, I am absolutely terrified.  I know that I often tweet about his terrible creations in the kitchen and the way that he drives me around  the bend, but he is the glue that holds our little family together.

I tried to continue on as normal and write today, but my heart and mind are not in it.  All my thoughts are of him and how much I love him.  I am going to take the day off to pull myself together and spend time with my family.  I will try and get back at it tomorrow, but for now I just need the time to think about my unhusband and  to be with him in any way that I possibly can.