Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Introducing Kola Boof


Dubbed “The most controversial woman in the world”  by CNN and “The African Garbo” by The New York Times….Egyptian-Sudanese-American Author and Television writer Kola Boof has been an agent for Sudan’s SPLA and was the National Chairwoman of the U.S. Branch of the Sudanese Sensitization Peace Project.  In 2004, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called her one of the ten women in the world he most admires and featured her on his website. Her many books include, “Flesh and the Devil,” “Long Train to the Redeeming Sin,” “Nile River Woman” and the upcoming “Virgins In the Beehive.”

Kola Boof is the mother of two sons and lives in California. 

Kola Boof has agreed to become one of Womanist Musings’ new columnists.  Her work will appear here monthly, though on occasion, if a topic is of particular interest, she might grace us with her thoughts during the month.  Kola is a controversial woman and her truth is not always easy to hear or understand, but I believe that she asks questions that most are afraid to ask and since this blog is about conversations from as many view points as possible, I ask that you welcome her into our shared space.