Friday, March 12, 2010

Nope, I Don’t Want To See Your Dick

The following is a Calvin Klein commercial

Hey, hey you do you wanna see my dick? You wanna see my dick? I said do you wanna see my dick? Come on don’t be shy.  You want some fucking more?

Becky from Happy Bodies came across this video while watching a show on Hulu.  I tend to agree with her assessment, that this video assaults the senses.  I didn’t come across it suddenly, but how many women have heard the exact same taunt walking down the street from some random douche?  Seriously, doesn’t it just remind you of some creepy guy in the subway? Also, the final line is really disturbing, “you want some fucking more,” when did I, or any viewer consent to any of it?

Just because these are generally speaking attractive men, does not erase the assaulting nature of the video.  It is not tempting or cute; it is simply creepy.  I get that this is an underwear commercial but seriously, can you even imagine a panty commercial with women saying, hey do you wanna see my pussy (or whatever euphemism you feel comfortable with)?  As much as this commercial sells underwear, it is also about praising the phallus – the symbol of masculinity. 

Calvin Klein ads have become famous for the beautiful men that they feature and the constant pushing of the envelope; however, there is nothing new and challenging about this commercial.  You cannot spend a day without seeing an obvious phallic symbol or seeing some form of dick worship. No matter how good looking you may think that your are, hordes of women are not dying to see your dick.  No matter how many monuments we build to penises in architecture, if that is the most interesting thing you have to offer, well then you are missing  out on a lot.

Okay, I’m done but I am very interested to hear your take. Let it fly in the comment section.