Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tune in Tuesday: Sting Desert Rose

It has been suggested by more than one friend of mine, that I have quite the obsession with aging British pop stars.  I admit to offering Sparky his weight in maple syrup, Michael Buble and an attack beaver for the opportunity to borrow Sting for a few hours.  In my defence, the man is a brilliant musician with an unforgettable voice and he practices tantric sex.  Um yeah, that all equals yummy, plus he has that wonderful English accent that has been known to turn many North American women into butter.  If I could somehow negotiate George Michael in that deal as well, that would make me one very happy Cannuck. 

Feel free to share your favourite Sting song, or the British musician that just does it for you in comments.  Perhaps together we can give them a offer they cannot refuse (yes Godfather reference) I see no reason not to play dirty here.