Monday, March 8, 2010

Yet Another Facebook Failure: Down Syndrome: Is There No End To These Monster Children

Once again I am forced to write about another facebook failure.  This Facebook group is highly ableist and triggering.  In the description the moderators wrote: “If you find these mongs repulsive too, join and spread the word”.  The following are a sample of images that can be found in their photos.  Be forewarned these images are not only offensive they may be highly triggering.

image image image

I ask you to please take the time to report this group.  Ableism is extremely harmful and continues to effect the differently abled in various negative ways.  Though this group is relatively small by Facebook standards, its very existence speaks to the fact that ableism is not an abstract concept to create so-called special rights for the different abled.  It exists because those with able bodied privilege are determined to “other” a large section of society for their own benefit. The specific purpose of the group is to increase the level of hardship of those with Down’s Syndrome and as such it is highly offensive

Please take the time to report

Down Syndrome: Is There No End To These Monster Children


H/T Kateryna Fury