Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Britney Spears releases un-airbrushed images next to digitally-altered versions



The Daily Mail said the singer made the extraordinary move "in order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect". Britney reportedly wanted the latest Candie's advertising campaign to highlight the use of airbrushing in advertising.

Imperfections highlighted in the original photo include calf blemishes, larger thighs and dry skin on her feet. The airbrushed pictures slim down her waist and tighten her legs, while removing the blemishes. Her bottom is sculpted and a tattoo on her back has been removed.

I really think that this is an awesome move on the part of Spears.  People viewing these images should be aware that they do not accurately represent what she looks like therefore dispelling the idea that the level of perfection that often appears in magazines is not something we should attempt to emulate.

When we uplift these false images, we lay the ground work for the marginalization of women, through demeaning the female body as well as the suggestion that womanhood only comes in certain forms.  

 H/T Feminist Philosophers