Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming to Terms with PETA

I know that I have been a great advocate against PETA but throughout this time, I have been watching their videos and reading their press releases. I never thought that I would reach the point of saying that I have decided to advocate on their behalf.  I hereby renounce all of the speciest arguments that I have made in the past.

You see, I have come to realize that the same hierarchy of bodies that applies to human beings, has been applied to animals by thinking of them as less valuable.  I know right…the light bulb is sometimes slow to turn on.  I was so attached to the idea that certain bodies deserve respect, that I used this as a crutch to deny my desire to privilege my existence.

image I certainly don’t see myself wearing a lettuce bikini anytime soon, but with the help of other committed PETA activists, I am sure that I can use the blog to help with our struggle.  I have always had the ability to shock people with my words, and perhaps I can use that to the benefit of PETA.  I am excited that I will stand alongside so many stars that have spoken out in the past.  PETA has a long history of resistance and when you think of the history of resistance engaged in by people of colour, women and the differently abled (all of which I identify as ) this should be a great marriage. 

I have been thinking of the benefits.  If you read the PETA literature, they promise that avoiding meat and meat products will lead to a healthier lifestyle and in fact a healthier body.  As a fat woman, I have been particularly resistant to this line of thought but as a mother of two, how could I not want to live longer and be happier?  This was hard for me because I have internalized the view point that there is nothing wrong with fat and who really wants to look in a mirror and dislike themselves but, if I face the truth maybe I can find more happiness.

I even thought that I could offer to pose for one of their billboards as a sort of cautionary tale.  You know, a sort of this is what will happen to you if you don’t change your ways type of deal.  It will be tough to face the embarrassment of this, but part of embracing PETA means letting go of my identity to privilege others.  I can do this and with your support, I am sure that we can make some really positive gains.  Hey, if I could see the error of my ways anyone can.

So, no more excuses for being fat, no more trumpeting the  speciest belief that my needs are more important than animals and no more rejecting any opportunity to get this point across. We are in a war and tactics in the heat of battle may not be pretty, but I have to agree that getting the point across is far more important.  After all, who really fights fair?  It is unreasonable to expect any activist to do this when so much is at stake.  I know that some of you will have trouble with this and I fully understand because it took me a long time to come to terms with it, but you never know what foolish things you can embrace every April 1st :)