Friday, April 23, 2010

It’s Friday and the Question is….


All of us have secret fantasies that very seldom see the light of day, but there are those of us that cannot walk by a hairbrush without letting our inner rock star out.  Stepping into the shower with a scrubbing brush is the equivalent of doing a live show at Madison Square Gardens, Wimbley or The Air Canada Center because we let it all hang out.  Sweeping the kitchen floor is enough for you to launch into the best air guitar solo ever.  Secretly you envision the panties/briefs landing at your feet, as you take a bow of thanks and blow kisses at your adoring fans.  You know who you are…

This week my question is, what is your favourite imaginary instrument and what song makes you go into instant rock star mode?   You might as well own up to this, because even though you may think that you are hiding your secret little fantasy, the people that you live with are probably well aware of it.