Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nightline: Once Again Black Women Can’t Find a Man


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It seems that once again ABC is going to dedicate time to discovering why Black women remain unloved and single. Last December they had 4 successful Black women sit down with Steve Harvey (of all people) to discuss their dating woes.

It is seems that “the tic toc of the biological clock” is something that ABC just cannot stay away from.  Tonight, it will air a debate that was taped live to discuss “why successful black women can’t get a man”.  

The panellists were: Steve Harvey, Hill Harper, Jacque Reid, Sherri Shepherd,  and Jimi Izrael. Do you have a foreboding sense of disaster?

“Nightline” will pose questions such: Are black women’s expectations too high? Who’s to blame: black women or black men? Is it just bad demographics, with twice as many college-educated black women than black men? Should black women date outside their race?

I have a few simple comments to make:  Not all Black women are heterosexual (yep no lesbian is dying for love of a good man ) and furthermore, there are plenty of women for whom the title Mrs. is not only not an ambition, but something they have plans to never to take on, but you wouldn’t know this by the attention the so-called dating dilemma is getting.

I find it interesting that the media has chosen to focus on the terminally single Black woman, giving the myriad of experiences that Black women have throughout a lifetime.  Of course, presenting women pining  for a man upholds sexist, and heterosexist ideas and therefore, it has become this lightening rod. However, other issues that directly effect life chances, like access to birth control, education, healthcare, daycare, sexual harassment, etc., don’t garner the kind of attention as the supposedly suffering, lonely Black woman because the aforementioned issues, tackle the ways in which society is structured to ensure that Black women remain marginalized.

I am going to watch this supposed special tonight, while rolling my eyes and drinking a beer, so that I can share with you the hot mess that I am sure that it is going to be.  For those of you that cannot stay awake, (and I fully understand the desire to sleep through it) it will be available here shortly after it goes live tonight.  Instead of showing how evolved we have become, segments like this instead reify how determined we are to ensure that systems that ‘other’ maintain their dominance.