Friday, April 2, 2010

RE: Kola Boof

When I asked people to welcome Ms.Boof to the blog, I mentioned that her truth would be a hard one to hear.  Kola speaks from a particular perspective based on her life experience and though we all claim to believe in the value of life experiences, if they conflict with our particular views, many are quick to disagree. 

I am somewhat aware and up to speed on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, however; I have no awareness of the dynamics between Blacks and Arabs.  This is completely outside of my experience and I would be a fool to attempt to speak to this.  I do think that Ms.Boof has spoken very eloquently on this blog and in fact in ALL of her other writings about her life.  No one has attempted to understand what it must have been like to see your parents murdered before you at the age of 8, or to be sent away from the only family you know because you are to dark.  No one has thought about what it must be like to know that your Arab father bought your Black mother.  That fact alone is jarring to me.  For daring to speak her truth here on this blog, Ms. Boof has received death threats and this is completely unacceptable.

I have received many e-mail complaints since Kola started posting here and a few of you have made your feelings clear in the comment section.  First, let me say I understand that you are upset but to tell me what I must do “right now”, when no one is paying me a damn salary is to treat me like chattel and I damn well deserve better than that people.  It shows a sense of entitlement that is frankly shocking especially in light of my post this week on the economics of blogging and the personal issues that my family has undergone in the last few weeks.

Womanist Musings has had an open guest posting policy for quite sometime, with weekly reminders of its existence.  This means that this platform is open to anyone and in fact many times, simply based on an interesting comment, I have asked readers to expand on ideas/thoughts made in comments.  I created the open guest posting policy and added columnists for the express purposes of expanding the conversation around here.  When I speak, it is from a very specific position and it means that there are issues that I am not competent enough to comment on that need attention. 

If you want a different perspective than that written by Ms.Boof, then take the initiative to write it and send it in for publication.  Examining an issue from many perspectives is always the goal of this blog and this is why I like to think of it as the intersectionality blog.  In fact, the more intersections the better because one perspective is rarely correct.  When I have messed up, you have called me out and I have appreciated it.  I have never attempted to silence legitimate discourse even when it hurts because of my belief in conversation. 

I challenge you to take the time to sit down and articulate your feelings, just as I do every single day.  I am not going to do the heavy lifting for you.  This is your space, just as much as it is mine and we all need to participate to keep it not only current but educational. I have attempted to dedicate this space to marginalized bodies because I know that there are few venues in which we are legitimately allowed to speak our truths and therefore, I once again say to you: speak your truth and it shall be heard.