Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Shame: Procrastination Edition.

When I have something to do, I it get out of the way because I cannot stand having a deadline over my head.  I also really try not to let chores pile up, because then they seem like a mountain waiting to devour me.  Unfortunately my desire to get things done is not matched by one of my good friends – Allison McCarthy.  It’s been sometime since I shamed Gus on a Sunday, but honestly, she has this one coming.

imageAbove is a ringing telephone.  It is something that Allison McCarthy needs desperately and yet despite months of cajoling, whining, and pleading, on my part she has yet to purchase one.  

To call Allison McCarthy at home, first you need to find her on G-Chat to inform her that you are going to call, and then you need to inform her that her phone is ringing for her to answer.  That’s right, she has a phone that does not ring.  Then after going through all of that, you have to put up with static and the fact that it is incredibly hard to hear. To have a conversation you actually have to yell into the receiver.

This ridiculous routine has been going on for MONTHS…I am sure by now I am not the only one that thinks twice before calling.  Of course she plans on getting around to purchasing a new phone.  Sometime in the distant future some strange phone fairy I am sure, will drop one on her doorstep and we can stop going through this ridiculous routine.

I would understand if it was avoiding a chore like the dishes or even taking out the garbage (note: I totally pull female  privilege and refuse to do that one in my house), but buying a new phone, good gravy.

Okay you fellow procrastinators, now it is time to admit your shame.  What task have you been putting off for a long time even though you know you should really get around to it.  Fess the hell up.