Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Shame: What would you do for your pet?


image Though the family cat Darren is the un-dog of the century, I still have a huge place in my heart for dogs.  We would love to have another one and often find ourselves trying to see if we can find a way to fit a dog into our life.  We used to have a fifty pound beagle named Buddy and no he was not fat, just well loved.  He was the most awesome dog evah.

This week I was on the phone with Liz, a dear friend of mine when we started chatting about Cody her pet cocker spaniel.  Cody is quite possibly the most spoiled dog on the planet.   I admit that if my Buddy were alive today he would probably be a close second.  He was probably the only dog to gain weight on diet because we kept sneaking him treats, but hey, he was cute like that.  Anyway, I digress…there we were chatting away when she told me that she is now hand feeding Cody. 

There is nothing wrong with Cody, let me say that again, there is nothing wrong with Cody.  She is hand feeding him because the dog decided that he no longer wants to eat out of a bowl and will only eat kibble directly from her hand.  This takes up  30 minutes of her day, every day.  The dog is so spoiled and now he is too good for his own dog bowl. Most dogs are happy to take a drink out of a toilet, but Cody is to good for a dog bowl.

I love animals and in fact, as soon as I was able I got a pet.  The unhusband and I have always had pets since we have been a couple and to me they make a house a home, but I draw the line at ridiculousness.  Sure my former cat Murdock and Buddy used to sun bathe on the roof of our apartment, but that did not involve work from me.  And yes, Buddy was so spoiled that he never once met me at the door because that would require getting off of the couch, but never did he once insist that I hand feed him.

I think that there are just some people that have taken the love of their animal to the extreme.  Sure, once and awhile we may do goofy stuff like embarrass the poor dog by dressing hir up or putting ridiculous glasses on hir face, but there are limits.  If you are using an umbrella to protect your dog from the sun, or pushing your dog around in a baby carriage, you have become the pet.

Okay people, you know the routine.  Here comes the part where you admit how shamelessly you love your pet and include all of your little justifications for said actions.  I know that your pet is the best pet evah (though I must point out that your cat could never be as special as our un-dog Darren), but you know that you over spoil your pet.