Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today Womanist Musings Turns Two


I cannot believe the way that this blog has grown since my first post.  2,183 posts later, Womanist Musings has become a real community of learning, sharing and in some cases laughter (yes, I forgive you for mocking my wonderful crocs).  We have battled trolls, revelled in a love for everything vampire, publicly shamed and laughed at ourselves, and sought justice for people that society often overlooks.  

In the last six months, I have added regular columnists to the blog and they each have added something unique.  I realized that in order for the blog to grow and truly evolve, it needed to make room for a multitude of voices.   Instead of my truth, I am now seeking to turn Womanist Musings into a truly intersectional blog, and this is because of how much I have learned from the various commentators here.  When I scroll through the internet I see a lot of lip service to the term intersectionality, but not a lot of commitment to it, and so I decided to become the change that I was seeking. It is my hope that each time you visit this blog that you will see something that reflects your experience, as well as learn something about someone else’s. 

It is time for Womanist Musings to undergo a facelift.  It has long ago grown beyond a simple reflection of me to encompass the many who daily write, read, and comment here -- to that end I am going to ask for your help for the first time.   I want the outward shell of Womanist Musings to reflect our community and our dedication to change, and so I would like to put up a new template as well as add additional features.  This is going to cost some money and so I am asking as a celebration of our shared birthday, for you to please consider donating to the blog.  The donate button is in the right hand column near the top. I would like to raise about 600 dollars to create the new space.  As I have said before, technology and I are not friends, and so this is something I am definitely going to have to pay for.   If you feel as though you have gained something from this space and you can afford it, please consider donating to this cause.

Below you will find a few of the posts that have become a few of my all time favourites.  Let’s consider it a blast from the past or a chance to familiarize yourself with the blog if you are a new reader.

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Above is merely a brief snapshot of some of the discussions that we have had here.  I actually had to stop myself because there were so many other posts that I wanted to include that the list was becoming unwieldy.   At any rate, thanks for reading and participating.  I have learned so much and I can never convey my thanks appropriately for that.  Womanist Musings is about community now and that would not be case if we all did not put in the effort everyday.