Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tune in Tuesday: Spandu Ballet True


Sorry the embedding is down, but please click the image to hear the song.

I chose Spandu Ballet this week because the unhusband has been singing this song repeatedly.  I understand getting a song stuck in your head, but Spandu Ballet --I mean really. I am starting to wonder if this is punishment for not telling him what his birthday present is.   I really do believe this is worse than the time the man had the nerve to insult my cornbread.   Yes, with the disasters he has produced in the kitchen, he thought he still had the right to complain.

At any rate, this week I think that we should use “Tune in Tuesday” to complain about the music taste of someone who is dear to us.  What song does your beloved love that makes you question whether or not they have any taste in music?