Friday, May 7, 2010

It’s Friday and the Question is…..


The kids and I are planning on probably spending a week in New York sometime this summer to visit family.  I have been thinking about the logistics of this trip and how being disabled will make this  more stressful than pleasurable for me.  It also made me think about the places that I have always dreamed about visiting.  I have always said that I would love to go to India and see the Hindu shrines, and of course top on my list is the Sistine Chapel to see “The Spark of Life”.  I realized that the ability to even envision these trips is a reflection of my class privilege.  If you are poor, travel is not on the agenda because money is dedicated to survival.  If you are poor and disabled, the two combined present an insurmountable obstacle.  There is a reason why the poor live, and die within miles of where they are born.

This week I would like to know what obstacles you have faced in travel and what place would you most like to visit if there were no limitations at all?