Friday, May 14, 2010

It’s Friday and the Question is…..


Last night I was watching “The Marriage Ref” and one of the couples had me cracking up because they reminded me so much of the unhusband and I.  One man who seemed to have a thing for sleeveless shirts, was trying to convince his husband to change his clothes for a party that they were about to attend.  It seems that he felt that his spouse’s appearance reflected upon him, and he dearly wanted his husband to change his clothes.  In my opinion, they  both needed a visit from Clinton Kelley of “What Not To Wear”. 

I can absolutely relate with this dilemma.  The unhusband has a Toronto Maple Leafs baseball hat that is sweat stained and older than our first son.  The thing looks horrendous, and if he is waiting for The Leafs to win the Stanley Cup before he gets rid of it, it will never end up in the garbage where it belongs. So here it is, what item of clothing do you really think that your partner should get rid of?