Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let’s Celebrate Some Food

As a fat disabled person I am always advised to eat less and exercise, even though movement causes me a lot of pain and I eat a fairly balanced diet.  Fight teh fat at all cost is always the message because we are lead to believe that our bodies are disgusting.  Apparently, if you are fat you have no right taking any sort of pleasure in food, and should restrict yourself to a diet of raw carrots and bran cereal. 

Well guess what

go ahead guess

I’m not doing it.  That’s right.  Food is about more than sustenance; it is also about pleasure and I refuse to live a life of denial to fit into some artificial standard, while lying in bed hungry and battling stomach cramps.  There are women that actually starve themselves to get into a pair of jeans, whereas my motto is that jeans come in various sizes for a reason.   At any rate, I have decided that it is time that we take back the pleasure that comes with eating something good. 

Please use this thread to post a recipe to a meal that you absolutely love.  Consider this the Womanist Musings recipe exchange.  What better way to fight the idea that we should resist loving food than to actively celebrate culinary decadence in all of its goodness. Have at it folks and don’t worry, I won’t let the unhusband contribute any of his culinary disasters.