Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quebec Cardinal Denounces Abortion for Rape Victims

image You would think that considering the various scandals that the Catholic Church is currently dealing with, that sitting in judgement of others would be low on their priority list, but it seems that shaming so-called sinners and controlling female bodies  sends them into some kind of euphoric bliss.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, attending the Campagne Pro-Vie conference in Quebec City on Saturday, suggested that abortion can never be justified, even in cases where a woman has been raped.

He called abortion a "moral crime" as serious as murder.

Ouellet said he understands how a sexually assaulted woman has been traumatized and must be helped, and that her attacker must be held accountable.

"But there is already a victim," he said. "Must there be another one?"

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Quebec City says Ouellet was simply stating Church doctrine when a reporter asked him about rape and abortion.


The last thing that the Catholic Church is concerned with is life.   It has repeatedly proven that it is only interested in maintaining its steadily declining power.   This is the same institution that has allowed priests to rape, murder and abuse children for centuries.    It has officially apologized and paid reparations to Native people in Canada for its role in genocidal activities; however, it is cold comfort, because it serves as evidence of how quickly the Church is able to cast aside its so-called Christian position, if the opportunity to use power coercively appears. How can you claim to have a respect for life when you move pedophile priests from diocese to diocese, instead of acting to protect the very children you want to be born?

Recently it was revealed by Catholics for Choice that an Arizona nun was excommunicated for her  participation in a decision to permit an abortion.  The woman was eleven weeks pregnant and carrying the pregnancy to term would have meant death for her.  You can only believe it appropriate that a woman surrender her life, if women have no value.

All of the official Church doctrine is about controlling the weak and often times powerless members of society.   Why else would it be absolutely necessary to assert that women don’t have the right to have control over their bodies, or allow children to be raped for centuries?    Considering the church’s behaviour, it is hardly in the position to lecture anyone on morality and yet it continues to spew its hate rhetoric.

Here is the bottom line:  in places where abortion is illegal women die.  If you have any respect for life whatsoever, how can that not be taken into consideration?  These women are not without value and it is an absolute loss to society.  A return to a no abortion state in Quebec would mean death for the sake of a few cells that have yet to develop into anything significant.

When the Catholic Church starts being moral, then and only then are they in a position to comment on how others are living their lives.  I do not recognize Christ in their teachings and instead what I see are patriarchal forces intent on punishing people who refuse to conform to narrow guidelines that were established to promote a dangerous hierarchy.  Women matter and living children matter, and this is something the Church has repeatedly failed to acknowledge. If you cannot care for children when they are being raped and abused, you cannot invoke them to control women’s bodies.  The Church is no position to cast any stones.