Where Do You Stand Politically?

Often when we talk about politics, we dedicate ourselves to the left right divide and there is more to our positions than that.   Some historical figures like Ghandi or the Dali Lama are not as progressive as they seem to be and yet you have polarizing figures like Stalin and Mugabe who are clearly on the left, but with a strong slant of authoritarianism. Every once and  awhile, I like to take a test which  helps me to position my self politically.  As I aged, I thought that my beliefs would become more conservative, but it seems I move more to the left consistently.  If you have never taken it, or are curious to see where you stand now, might I suggest taking the Political Compass test.  Below you will find my results and how it compares to some world leaders and historical figures.



The following is my test result.


I am very interested to know where the readers of this blog stand.  The test takes between 3-5 minutes, so please take the time to complete it and share the results.  Did you learn anything about yourself, and if so what surprised you the most? I think if I move anymore to the left I just might fall right off the chart LOL.

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