Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Unfortunately for the unhusband, he has to work today and so we gave him his presents bright and early in the morning.  I knew that whatever we gave him, it could never be recognition enough to show what he means to this family.  The unhusband has dedicated his entire life to Mayhem, Destruction and me.

You often hear a lot about fathers that are failing their families, but I am glad that a day like this exists, so that we can celebrate the men that give their all every day.  There isn't a 50/50 division of labour in my house, there is a 70/30 division, with the unhusband doing the lions share of the work.  Every day is a double day for him, and he does so on little to no sleep because our comfort and our happiness is at the forefront of his mind.  

My unhusband is all about his boys, and he has gone without sleep to attend their pageants, games, and tournaments.  Wherever they are, you can be certain that he is on the sidelines cheering proudly -- and win or lose, he is just happy to be a part of their lives.   Shortly after I had Destruction, I remember the unhusband taking him into his job because he wanted to show the world his boy.  I remember him walking around, prouder than a peacock, chest out, informing everyone that stopped that this was his son and wasn't he the most amazing child ever.And this has never stopped.

He is tough because he has to be, but never does he withhold his praise or his love.  He is quick to tell the children how proud he is of them, and is always ready for a kiss and cuddle.  He willingly sacrifices his body because he knows that fathers invariably become human jungle gyms for their kids.  He has broken fingers, bruised parts, and had splitting headaches, but through it all he keeps going.

Not only is he a good father to the kids, he is a considerate co-parent with me.  We work as a team.  We respect each others decisions and input.  This means that our children see a united front prepared to work for their comfort, happiness and success.  He demands that the boys respect me as both a woman and a mother, and strives to set an example that encourages them to own their various privileges whenever possible.

All in all, I lucked out pretty huge that day I walked into a library 20 years ago last week.  I met the love of my life, my best friend and co-parent.  I cannot imagine what this life would be like without him and every day I am thankful that he chose me and embraced our family.  He may not be able to grill a steak or make a meal that does not cause intestinal distress, but he is a winner in every other regard.

We love you sweetheart and thank you for being our hero day in and day out. 

Please use this thread to celebrate your dad or another man who has had an important impact on your life. 

Editors Note:  It has been pointed out in comments that today is world refugee day, a day that I was not aware of.  At this time I would like to combine this day and say a special prayer for fathers that are parenting under the worst of circumstances.  
Those looking for further resources should check out The United Refugee Agency and this article posted by Anderson Cooper on his blog.