Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joe Jackson Blames Katherine for Michael's Death

No matter how fucked up the father is, inevitably, if something goes wrong with a child, even when he is a grown ass man, you can be certain that the mother is to blame. Historically, men have been able to avoid the difficult job of raising children and  show up just in time to take the praise if a child is successful in their life path.  Joe Jackson may have participated in the raising of his children because he wanted a meal-ticket, but the methods that he used were clearly abusive.

In an interview with London's News Of The World Jackson had this to say:

As a mother you know...mother's always the one that the son looks up to.  I wanted her to step in and go in and say, Look Mike a bit.  Keep him cheered up, because you know if your mother's around you the son, I would think would feel better.  But she didn't want to do that because she was afraid of that she was invading his privacy.  She didn't want to invade him....his privacy. And so I thought that, and we argued about that several times.  And she says, I think (unclear). Katherine if you don't go and er ... and er see him be with him or otherwise. He ain't going to be with us for too long.  Because I thought that he was looking kinda funny and kinda frail a little bit. I told her I said that this would never have happened if you had went and been with him.  Why? Because he would have been more relaxed and maybe... that with you being with him things would have went much better than what they did.  We gone lost our son now.

So, he doesn't blame the doctors that had Michael on a drug cocktail. He doesn't blame all of those yes men, who continually surrounded Michael.  He isn't interested in considering that Michael chose to walk down this dangerous path.  And he certainly cannot contemplate for one moment that the years of abuse that he engaged in set Michael on this terrible path.  


Joe has always wanted to be the proud patriarch, basking in the glow of his children's success. The mere fact that Michael became the king of pop was enough for him to justify the cruelty that he engaged in.  When Michael Jackson shared in an interview that he was so afraid of his father, that  he would regurgitate his food in his presence, Joe Jackson said that his son regurgitated all the way to the bank.  And now, we are to believe that he was expressing concern for his son?

When asked what the next step was by Don Lemon of CNN on the red carpet, prior to Micheal's funeral, he immediately began to speak about a record label he was attempting to promote, rather than discussing funeral plans for his son or the future of his grandchildren. He claimed that he took the opportunity to promote his record company because that is what Michael would have wanted him to do. He further stated that he was crying on the inside. Each person deals with grief differently; however, it is quite incomprehensible that a loving parent would so easily cast aside the death of a child to promote a business venture.

He has since gone on to threaten to take Michael's children on tour and bill them as the Jackson Three.  These are the very same children that Michael fought so hard to keep out of the spotlight. The very fact that Joe was not given a dime in Michael's will speaks very loudly about what the king of pop thought of his father -- and yet, this man has the nerve to sit there and blame Katherine for Michael's death.

Whenever something goes wrong, it's always some woman didn't do her job, because no one wants to think about the terrible circumstances she may have been living with. Blaming women for their own victimization is commonplace, because patriarchy has trained us to believe that holding men responsible is unacceptable.  Katherine has never said that Joe hit her or abused her in any way; however, based in the fact that they have been living seperately for years, it is safe to assume that this marriage has not been a happy one for her.

I will never completely understand how or why she didn't leave this man, the moment he picked up a belt to beat their children.  She must have heard her children's screams of anguish and pain -- and she will have to live with this until her dying day, but I fail to believe that the reason Michael is no longer with us, is because his mother did not sit down and have a little chat with him about his drug use, or physical appearance.

The Jackson's are clearly a troubled family and even Janet, who appears to be the most well adjusted has had her issues. When I look at them, all that I see is a cautionary tale regarding how the effects of physical abuse can last a lifetime.  Joe may be able to lie to himself about the role that he has played in the destruction of his family, but the truth behind the cause of Michael's death is easy to discern.