Friday, June 25, 2010

Top 100 Blogs For Women My Ass Forbes

Well, Forbes created a list of the top 100 blogs for women.  The White women are busy congratulating each other...yeah for Whiteness.  Look, create all the fancy lists that you want, but unless it includes marginalized women, like WOC, trans women, disabled women, etc., it is NOT a list of women.  I am not going to say congratulations to anyone, because all Forbes did was reassert the idea that only a certain kind of woman matters.  

If further pisses me off, because it does not acknowledge how hard it is for marginalized women to even have the ability to blog.  If you are disabled just sitting down, or in my case lying on my back to type out a post can be excruciating.  Various poor women are forced to turn to the public library to have access to the internet, and therefore; are not able to update regularly, or make their presence known in comment threads.  If you are a WOC, you have to deal with the blatant racism of commenters, as well as from your fellow bloggers.  With all that marginalized women have to go through to either get on the internet or create an internet persona, it is disgusting that once again our presence was erased.

Instead of acknowledging this, so-called anti-oppression women bloggers are busy doing the happy dance that they were included in this monstrosity.  Somehow, Rachel Ray is more relevant than marginalized women...gee does that look like promoting an agenda to you?  Of course not, these just happen to be the best blogs for women on the internet -- and the fact that they are largely White, cisgendered, able bodied, heterosexual, age and class privileged is just an accident. 

Well as a little fuck you to Forbes, and the so-called activists that are celebrating this erasure, please use this thread to list blogs that you read by marginalized women that deserve to be recongized.  I will get you started with a few of my favourites.

What Tami Said
The Black Snob
What About Our Daughters
Flip Flopping Joy