Monday, June 28, 2010

True Blood: Beautifully Broken

This episode begins with Eric getting shot when he jumps in front of the werewolf as Sookie as trying to shoot him.  In the struggle, the werewolf thinks about Jackson.  Eric kills him when he refuses to tell him who his master is, and then buries him in a graveyard.  Eric tells Sookie that fresh graves are the best place to hide a body because no one notices that the earth has been disturbed and you can just place the body right on top.  I found myself thinking, if only Jessica had realized that last week. Sookie tells Eric that she is going to Jackson to look for Bill despite his warning about how dangerous this is.
In the next scene we find Tara having sex with the mysterious vampire from the bar.  He seems to be using some kind of mind control on her judging from the dilation of her pupils and rapid blinking. Tara seems to feel the need to explain why she did this saying, I never do this. It real bothers me that Ball put this words into her mouth when he has shown Sookie enthusiastically enjoying sex without the need to justify it. When Lincoln begins to ask her where her rage comes from and if she has a husband or a boyfriend, she jumps out of bed thanks him and leaves.

Sam says his goodbye to his family making sure to tell his brother that he didn’t appreciate that he tried to kill him.  It is clear that he is not comfortable with his new family. His father stands there in his underwear and says one of the most sexist lines of the episode, “Don’t ever get married Sam,' cause then they start to woman you.”  Sam tell his brother to take care of his mom and I do believe the choice of words is very deliberate. I think that the class statements that Ball is making about Sam's family is atrocious.  Poverty does not necessarily mean the kind of behaviour that they engage in. It like watching a slightly twisted version of the Fox show "Married With Children" than watching "True Blood."

Vacant headed Jason decides that he has paramilitary training and would be perfect for the police force. Hoyt is quizzes him but he cannot seem to get a single question right (big surprise there).  When Hoyt asks him what he thinks Jessica means "when she says its to late for them to be together", he is disturbed that his testing is being interrupted, thus once again proving that selfishness and arrogance is a family trait.  Of course he knows the solutions to Hoyt’s problem.  Are you ready for this?  Jessica left Hoyt because she could not handle his heat.  Yes, and this is the same person that thinks he should be given a gun and a badge.

Can I get a go Pam?  Finally, some good woman on woman love, but it is unfortunately interrupted when Jessica calls frantic because the body is missing.  Being the blunt realist that we have come to love, Pam says, "So the problem you have is that there is no dead body in your house, doesn't sound like a problem to me," and she hangs up the phone.  She goes back to having oral sex with the girl saying, "lie back sweetheart and think of Estonia". Pam is my second favourite vampire but she gets closer to Eric everyday.

Arlene is at a doctors office and she discovers that she is indeed pregnant.  When she tells her doctor that she has not been together with her boyfriend for very long, the doctor informs her that she is between 9 and 10 weeks pregnant, meaning that Terry is NOT the father.

Back at Merlott's, Max Spencer calls Tara to tell her that Egg’s funeral is today.  When she arrives, no one is there, because no one could find any of Egg’s family.  Tara is saddened by this and when she asks who paid for this, Sookie shows up to announce that she did because she thought at the very least that Eggs deserved a real funeral (nice and condescending as usual). Sookie says that she doesn’t feel better, but she hopes that Tara feels better now she has a place to come when she wants to visit.  She then asks Tara to come home and lets her know that she is going to Jackson for a couple days to find Bill and the service begins.

The year is 1868 and we see Bill crossing a cemetery (note: fashion design for him could have been better)  He pauses on the porch of a house and the door opens with a woman holding a rifle. It is his wife Catherine.  She immediately begins to cry at the sight of him, and tells him of how she worried and prayed for him. He learns that his son Thomas has died of small pox, and that no one will bury his child for fear of infection.  He begins to cry, but when his wife sees the blood tears she accuses him of being a demon.  She screams and shoots him in the arm. Lorena arrives and grabs Caroline by the arm, and Bill threatens to die before he lets her hurt his wife.  Lorena tills him to stop and she calms Caroline.

The camera flashes to the present day, and we see Jason hunched over a desk with a paper with illegible writing on it. He takes it up to Bud at the front and asks for another test paper.  When Bud looks up, Jason sees a bullet hole in his head and everyone starts laughing.  Jason is awoken from this nightmare by Lafyette who wants him to sign some paper work. Jason tries to make apologies for sleeping.  He apologizes saying that he has a lot on his mind and Lafyette responds with, "that must be new. Try spending every moment mopping up your cousins tears and keeping her away from pointy objects.  See how much sleep you get then. Suddenly there is a scream and a man announces that he has found a corpse with no hands.

Back at her home, Sookie is on the ground scrubbing the blood stain when she hears, "that must be her the girl is blond and pretty, no wonder she is a magnet for trouble". Okay, so maybe I made a mistake and this is the most sexist line this episode.  Just because a woman is conventionally attractive does not make her the cause of problems but then we have blamed for everything since the ridiculous take of Eve and the apple.  She struggles with the intruder who tells her that he is Alcee Heavreaux and that Eric sent him to protect her.

Sam's family shows up at the bar and he tells them that he thought they agreed to "wait a piece before getting back together again".  When his mom questions about his desire to see his family, his brother pipes in with "momma he does not to see us".  Sam denies this and offers to buy them lunch.

At the crime scene they police are going over the particulars and decide that a vampire is the murder. Bud announces that he quits saying, "Didn't you hear me I quite?" I've had it with this shit.  Every time we clear one murder two more show up; it's like crabgrass.  He begins taking off his equipment saying, "take this crap. Forty-three years and what have I got to show for it? Gaps in my brain pollups in my ass.  I don't need this horseshit". That has got to go down as the best rant in True Blood history.  On a more serious note it is clear to me that this is a case of post traumatic stress syndrome brought on by his encounter with Marianne. While I don't like to see the character in pain, I think it is important to show that what occured in Bon Temps left lasting scars.

Proper southern lady Sookie serves Alcee a cup of tea. He asks her if she can really read minds and hhe answers yes.  He questions her relationship to Eric and she tells him that she is not his.  Alcee tells her that because his father owes money to Eric and that he knows the pack she is sniffing around would not share information with her without the help of insider caused him to agree to become involved.   He tells her that his ex is "banging their leader," and he feels that the pack is a danger to their kind because of the high rate of crime. Sookie does her best southern bell and responds with, "They took someone I love from me. I don’t know about you, but I was raised to fight back”.  I am trying to see this as a moment of empowerment for her.  When we look at traditional fairy tales, it is always the male going to save the female and this situation is the opposite of that.

Back to Bills dream with Catherine asking what Lorena means to Bill.  Lorena informs Bill that the pain was not inflicted by her but by Bill.  She wants him to learn that there must be a seperation between the vampire wold and the human world -- and then tells Bill that he has to make Caroline forget.him.  Bill tells caroline that they can nver be together and that he was never there.  He burries his son with Lorena standing over him saying that the only way to show your love for a human is to stay away forever, and Bill weeps copiously. Bill wakes from his dream in a start with his face streaked with tears.

He goes downstairs to find the King holding court. The werewolf announces that its been 24 hours and there is no sign of him or the waitress. (I am still trying to figure out who the "him" he referred to is) Lorena informs the king that this is the doing of Eric Northman.  Bill enters the room and pledges his loyalty to the king and announces that they don’t need the girl anymore.  Lorena is upset saying that the king gave her his word, and he tells her that he gave his word to Bill and itnends to keep it. It seems that Lorena still carries a huge grudge against Sookie.

Back at Merlotte's, Jason is trying to comfort Tara telling her that they are almost family because of her relationship with Sookie.  He offers to be a friendly ear if she ever wants to talk, even though they have not been that close lately.  Tara says thanks you are a good friend.  Jason starts to stumble saying that he is sorry that he wasn’t there for her. His nervousness and stumbling causes Tara to tell him that he didn't do anything wrong. He sees a bullet hole in the center of Tara's head and abruptly ends the conversation and leaves.

A horn starts to beep and Lafayette looks out his window dressed in a gorgeous robe to see Eric.  He gets into Eric's car, where he learns that the car that they are sitting in is a gift from Eric.  Lafayette asks what the catch is, and Eric tells him he has to pay the insurance and that he is going to have to sell him the car for one dollar to avoid gift tax.  Lafayette declines, and Eric tells him that he could become quite wealthy if he wanted to.  Eric tells him, I never thought of you as lacing in ambitious but perhaps you are content with moth eaten afghans and second hand furniture.

In the scene that probably made me the angriest for the night Arlene tells Terry that she is pregnant.  He jumps to the conclusion that he is father and tells her "thank you, I never dreamed in my life I could be so happy. Thank you for making my life mean something. I really like Terry's character and it seems to me like Arlene was happy when he made the wrong assumption.  As hard as it may have been she should have stopped him and told him the truth.

The family renuion continues, and Sam sees that his father is feeding liquor to his younger brother who is underage.  When he complains and asks what he is doing feeding him liquor, his father gets upset and stands up saying, "Don't talk to me like I'm some kind of drunk." Sam's mother stands up announcing that this is enough and tells him his father does not have a bad bone in him when he is sober.  She tells him that they'll see him soon and turns to look as she goes out the door.

Lincoln shows up at Bill's and Jessica answers the door.  She bares her fangs thinking that she can scare him off but he walks right in.  He asks her if she is missing anyone and when she does not answer he pulls the head of the man she killed out of a bag and she starts to scream.  Lincoln tells her that he helped her, and now she has to help in return. He asks for all the information she has on Bill Compton.

Back at Merlotte's, Sam's intruder alarm goes off and he gets out of bed to find the cause of the disturbance carrying a gun.  He hears noise in another room and sees a bird fly out the window.  His entire office has been ransacked and he realizes that this is his brothers doing when he sees a bird fly out the window and finds clothing of the floor.

Alcee and Sookie arrive a lupines, the oldest werewolf bar in Mississippi.  Sookie stand out immediately because of the way that she is dressed -- and the bouncer tells her that she looks like dinner.  They split off and Alcee goes with his buddies and Sookie questions a bunch of men playing pool.  She plays coy and asks them to buy her drink. When she is asked if she is hear alone,  she tells them that she has been to tougher places. She makes sure to mention fangtasia and they mistake her for a fangbanger.  She hears a guy think that they beat the shit out of a vamp a few days ago and they go into a back room together.  She tries to get him to talk to her about  vampires and he tries to assault her .  Alcee burts in and separates them.  The bouncer breaks up the fight between Alcee and the other werewolf with a bat.  He tells Alcee that Debbie Pelt isn’t worth this.  When Alcee asks him what the means, he tells him that Debbie is getting engaged.

Lincoln shows up at Sookie's and says good evening to Tara. He tells her that he got her name from an annoying  baby vampire.  Tara asks who he works for, and he asks to come in.  Tara tells him hell no to which Lincoln responds that he he can get a hold of her anytime he wants.  He looks deep into her eyes and glamor'a  her,  forcing her to invite him in.

Bill returns to his room where he joined by Lorena.  They begin to argue, and he admits that she was right about only bringing misery to humans.  He says that she has cost him his humanity, freedom and his home and that he will never love her.  He grabs her angrily and she kisses him.  Bill throws her on the bed in anger and rips off her clothes entering her.  He begins moving in and of her violent, and contorts her head around so that it is facing the ground.  She says who William I still love you and he grabs his head and screams.  We are supposed to identify with Bills anguish in this scene but it reads much to closely to rape for that to happen for me.  I get that some women are into S&M and the scene might be defended this way but Bill is clearly using his penis as a weapon to hurt Lorena and his anguish seems to come from not being able to achieve this goal.

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