Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Tami Said and I Get Our “True Blood” On

As regular readers realize, I am a huge True Blood fan.  In fact, I pretty much am interested in anything regarding vampires.  This Sunday, after a very long wait, “True Blood” will be returning to HBO.  On Monday I will once again be posting a synopsis of the episode, so that we can discuss it down to the minute detail. And to those that are wondering I am still staunchly team Eric. image That would be your cue to back off Sparky. I saw him first and I am screaming DIBS.

At any rate, after chatting with Tami, of What Tami Said,  about how excited we are for the new episode, we decided to host a podcast every Monday night at 9pm EST to take our special brand of womanist anti-racist analysis to the show.  Now this does not mean Tami and I  aren’t going to get silly and giddy sometimes, it’s just that as much as we love True Blood, there are still issues that require attention. Tami and I have both read the books and so a little book/episode comparison might happen from time to time as well.

We have yet to pick a name for our new podcast.  We are actively looking for suggestions.  Think of something cool and leave it in the comment section.  Yes, to those that are wondering, that is a True Blood countdown at the end of the blog, and yes, I am a little obsessed.